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The Modern Dog Company

The Modern Dog Company was created as a brand of purpose & pawsitivity. As dog owners, we know how important our four-legged friends are. In fact, they aren't just friends, but family. With that being said, we designed our products with all dogs in mind. 

All our products are made with quality in mind.  We use metal hardware for all our clasps because we know how easily plastic can break.  Your pup doesn't mean to be "ruff", but we understand that they can't help themselves sometimes.  

This is an illustration of dogs in harnesses that are adjustable and trendy like the ones we sell

Our Harnesses

Our harnesses adjust at the shoulders & the belly for the perfect fit, no matter the shape or size of your best friend.  They also come with a two D-ring system that allows you to hook your leash on from the front or the back.  Don’t need the front ring?  It’s removable! 

Our Leashes

Our leashes are unique in the fact that they can actually be adjusted to 3 different lengths.  Whether you’re on a walk in a crowded city, strolling in the countryside or just need a moderate length, our leashes can adjust accordingly.